The Tote Bag

The tote bag was created to show the role of designers. I believe that designers should have a better understanding of friction and critically consider the values of it. Created by the gap between the speed of technological development and our pace of adaptation, friction has been considered as an obstacle, and most designers have been pursuing ways to reduce friction in the user’s experience. I argue that designers should bridge the gap between development and adaptation. We should embrace friction as a way to help the user to build an understanding of their technology and to interact with it properly.

The threads sewn in a web on the inside of the tote bag represent the designer’s role as a medium between technology and the individual. Functionally, we can see these threads as friction–it would be easier to access the contents of the bag without the threads in the way. However, they can also be a protection from theft–potential thieves can’t get their hands in either. Depending on the way we see friction, it could be a hindrance or safeguard.

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