Alter Ego

Lawyer William McGeveran who specializes in information law, including data privacy, communications and technology, argues for the concerns of frictionless sharing through social media in terms of data privacy and the necessity of the law of friction on online. I created this work as if I am William McGeveran, through his eyes.

This envelope is a proposal/prototype of suggesting how to make ‘frictionless sharing’ well-behaved by adding the instant moment of extra thoughts in the process. One of the Instagram features allows users to see their followers‘ all activities on Instagram like who they interact with or which photos they like without asking a clear moment of consent. Through these few questions of asking consent, I want to bring up the awareness of this issue and give the audience to have an actual experience to think about what frictionless really means through McGeveran’s point of view.

His overall ideas of formulating The Law of Friction inspired me a lot which I will investigate to create a system that allows a designer to assess friction in relationship to other contextual factors.

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